Based on our customer requirements and specifications, we supply our products with topmost priorities, either in bulk quantities or retail packing at affordable and competitive price.

A dish that defines the Indian palette, we present a variety of appalam papad, crisp papad, masala papad / papadum that makes perfect addition to any vegetarian meal. These crisp papad are hygienically made from dal, rice, potato and other flours. Packed with precision, our wide selection of papads is both nutritious as well as easy to digest. We have many kinds in appalams like Masala pappad, Pepper Pappad, Mint Pappad, and chilly Pappad.

Our range of high grade, pure powdered spices offer best flavor, aroma and color. Powdered spices can be offered to you as per your specifications from consumer packs to bulk packs. We are the manufacturer and exporter of traditional spice powders. Indian spices are the soul of Indian cuisine. We offer an extensive line of spices through our on-line store. Our spices contain natural and genuine ingredients, which enhance the flavor of the delicacy.

India has a rich tradition of using Incense in many social and religious occasions. It purifies the surroundings and makes it pleasant. It gives a moment of peaceful feeling. Its fragrance calms and soothes your mind and helps in meditation. Incense brings peace and harmony at home. It refreshes your heart, mind and soul. Our company is working with state of art manufacturing facilities located at Madurai driven by its strong consumer-focus and pioneering strength.